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​【明理讲堂2023年第93期】12-6电子科技大学舒嘉教授: Responsiveness Maximization Humanitarian Relief Network Design

报告题目:Responsiveness Maximization Humanitarian Relief Network Design

报告人:舒嘉 教授

时间: 2023年12月6日(周三)下午15:00-17:00

地点:腾讯会议号 634-334-641


In this paper, we study a humanitarian reliefnetwork design problem, where the demand for relief supplies ineach affected area is uncertain and can be met by more than onerelief facility. Given a certain cost budget, we simultaneouslyoptimize the decisions of relief facility location, inventorypre-positioning, and relief facility to affected area assignmentso as to maximize the responsiveness. The problem is formulated asa chance-constrained stochastic programming model in which a jointchance constraint is utilized to measure the responsiveness of the humanitarian relief network.We approximate the proposed model by another model with chance constraints, which can be solved based on twosettings of the demand information in each affected area: (1) thedemand distribution is given; and (2) the partial demandinformation, e.g., the mean, the variance, and the support, isgiven. We use a case study of the 2014 Typhoon Rammasun toillustrate the application of the model. Computational results demonstratethe effectiveness of the solution approaches and show that the chance-constrainedstochastic programming models are superior to the deterministic model forhumanitarian relief network design.


舒嘉,电子科技大学经管学院教授,从事物流与供应链管理领域的研究工作,研究成果发表在JOC, NRL, IISE等国际期刊上,曾获得国家杰出青年科学基金项目资助。